Welcome to the official webstore of the Faïencerie de Gien, where our story began, two hundred years ago.

Each and every stage of production is carried out, to this day, exclusively at the manufacturing facility in Gien, in the Loire Valley, using know-how spanning two centuries.

Faïencerie de Gien is accredited with the Living Heritage Company label, a mark of its pursuit of excellence and its creativity.


Pont aux Choux white

Celebration of a discovered tradition. The delicacy of the paste allows the making of pieces with extremely fne features in relief : volutes and whirlwind knurls, lid buttons in the shape of artichokes and the famous rice grain motif.


Pont aux Choux taupe


Pont aux Choux earth grey


Filet blue


Oiseau Bleu


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From the time when the company was established two hundred years ago, Gien Faïencerie, the largest faïence making factory of its kind in Europe, has symbolized elegance, luxury and the unique French “art de vivre”, the legendary French way of life. It gained renown producing bespoke dinner services bearing family crests, for prominent French and European houses of the time, and also, through production of tiles for the Parisian Metro stations.