Oblong serving tray - Ça c'est Paris
14 3/16’’x 6 1/8”
Like a postcard in memory of a romance, or as a way to discover Paris, one cannot resist the pleasure of treating oneself to this service, or of offering it as a delightful gift


  1. Coupe nuage petit modèle - Ça C'est Paris - 18,6 x 16,2 cm
    Coupe nuage petit modèle - Ça C'est Paris - 18,6 x 16,2 cm
    Ca C'est Paris
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  2. Ça C'est Paris - Mug XL
    Mug XL
    Ca C'est Paris
    Mug XL - 14 3/16 oz. 4 1/8” h - 1 piece
    Coming soon
  3. Ça C'est Paris - Bol
    Bowl x2
    Ca C'est Paris
  4. Ça C'est Paris - Bol Grand modèle
    Bowl XL
    Ca C'est Paris
    Bowl XL - 23 11/16 oz. 6 1/16” dia. 3 9/16” h - 1 piece
  5. Mug- Ca c'est Paris!
    Mug- Ca c'est Paris!
    Ca C'est Paris
    Coming soon
  6. Ça c'est Paris - Coffret de 2 assiettes mignardises
    Set of 2 Coasters - Ça c'est Paris
    Ca C'est Paris
    Coaster - 5” dia - set of 2
  7. Ça C'est Paris - Plat à gâteaux
    Oblong serving tray - Ça c'est Paris
    Ca C'est Paris
    Cake platter - 11 13/16’’ dia - 1 piece
    Coming soon
  8. Ça C'est Paris - Coffret de 4 assiettes canapés assorties
    Set of 4 Assorted canape plates - Ça c'est Paris
    Ca C'est Paris
    Canape plate - 6 1/2” dia. - set of 4
    Coming soon

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How is it made ?


Warm and vibrant, Gien fine Faience is in a class of its own through its composition, its quality designs and forms. A Gien plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 Faience craftsmen, the heirs to a legacy of two hundred years of skill and know-how.

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How to maintain the product?

Maintenance tips

In order to preserve the quality, we recommend to use microwave for reheating only. Before reheating, ensure your faience is already at room temperature. This is to avoid thermal shock. Our products are designed to be dish washer safe (low temperature washing cycles). These recommendations do not apply to hand painted Prestige pieces.