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Creamer - Blue Pivoines

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Inspired by the iconic 1875 Peonies collection from the Gien archives, this Hand-painted prestige collection pays homage to fanciful flora in vivid shades of blue. With a nod to the elegance of Japanese china, and a wink to the company’s legacy, Blue Peonies captures the imagination with timeless beauty.

Product Details

  • Capacity: 8 oz
  • Please hand wash your Gien prestige and avoid microwaves.
  • Country of Manufacture France


Two centuries of craftsmanship go into the making of a single piece of Gien faience. Handcrafted in a converted convent perched on the Loire River, every stage of creation takes place in Gien, France: from locally sourced raw materials to authentic handcrafted designs and final production. Gien faience is fired at traditionally lower temperatures, giving it a unique richness and depth of color. Stronger than pottery or ceramics, Gien products are designed for everyday tableware.

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