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La Festive Bring a lasting, personal touch to your event Back



Different … send your invitations by way of a plate… or give plates as party Favors


Are you keen to add a personal touch to a unique event ? This is an ideal concept for you !

Stun your guests with your FESTIVES tailor-made to your requirements.

There are countless opportunities (weddings, birthdays, parties, family get-togethers, conferences, events, send-offs…) to give and receive this unique customized gift.

We will help and advise you in the design of your FESTIVE.


Customize your Festive

Choose your design, color, and customize it with your names, date and other wording.


. Flower design. Blue. Pink


 . Pearl design. Blue. Pink


 . Text design. Blue. Pink.




Please contact one of our three boutiques or send your request to 


Gien Saint Germain des Prés

13 rue Jacob - 75006 Paris 

01 46 33 46 72 -


Gien Madeleine

18 rue de l'Arcade - 75008 Paris

01 42 66 52 32 -


Gien Bruxelles

1 rue des Sablons - B1000 Bruxelles

00 32(2) 514 72 92 -