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Open Monday to Saturday 10am - 6 pm. 
Closed Monday, November 11.

The Gien Faïencerie Museum is housed in what used to be a clay storage cellar. It is an ongoing diary of the Manufacture, with many different styles on display, decorative faïence pieces, monumental works created for various World Fairs, and a broad spectrum of tableware exhibits. It chronicles the history of two centuries of faïence and its vast array of inspiration : from the Italian Renaissance through to Art Nouveau, from designs based on Delft, Rouen, Marseille, through to Wedgwood. The Museum is also home to a unique collection of impressionist barbotines. A visit to the Museum is also a chance to see works by Claire Debril, Paco Rabane, Christine Viennet, Claire Basler...

The Museum is often host to temporary exhibitions, bringing a wealth of variety and range to enhance its resident collections.

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