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Brigitte de Bazelaire

Collection Indigo (2016), Unique Pieces

Brigitte de Bazelaire, ceramic artist, brings to her creations a feel of simplicity, uniqueness, and sensuous appeal. They are a delight to the eye and a pleasure to touch. She knows her raw material so well that it seems to rouse and transform at her hands, yielding shapes and forms of a smooth and soft feminine quality.

Her creations are full of grace and elegance, crafted with subtlety and flair. They present a fascinating interplay of transparencies on the purest of shapes. These shapes, inspired by her observations of nature during childhood, are glazed with bright and boldly contrasting colors. Brigitte discovered working with ceramics in 1995 and is passionate about it. She trained at the Savigny workshop in Paris and also with the Spanish ceramicist Luis Castaldo in Mallorca. After a period of experiment at her own studio in Malakoff near Paris, she progressed to producing her own creations. These are outstanding. Her colors are remarkably vivid and vibrant, her shapes strikingly original : everyday objects such as plates or mirrors have an undeniable distinctiveness at her touch. Passionate and skilled in her art, Brigitte de Bazelaire has sculpted and fashioned unique pieces in uncommonly minimal shapes and colors reflecting the latest trends.

Creations of Brigitte de Bazelaire

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