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Gwenaëlle Trolez

Collection Océan (2013)

Gwenaëlle Trolez was born in 1970, she studied naturalism, was a teacher for a time before eventually dedicating herself full time to the art of collage. Today, she is an illustrator and mixed media artist. Her artwork is the result of an assemblage and of the superimposition of various documents, old photographs, maps, stamps, old papers, original botanic plates… By their juxtaposition, the artist brings out elements from the past, between reality and fantasy. « I enjoy the care and the delicacy of all these old style illustrations as well as a number of printed documents from that era: invoices, catalogues… The page layout and the typography are magnificent.
My creations are the result of juxtapositions and superimpositions of various old documents collected here and there. » News: release of my latest book "Japan" which recounts in pictures (photos and prints) and with my own illustrations, the journey of a geographer in that country in 1905.
Gwenaëlle Trolez, in the course of her original publications has been able to seduce, then win the heart of a demanding public always enthralled by her wonderful creations.


Creations of Gwenaëlle Trolez

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